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The Weaving Women

Posted On: 16/01/2014 @ 13:37:00 » Send your friend these details

The weaving women began weaving traditional Mayan clothing before moving onto producing serape, table cloths, beds covers, and traditional güipiles, selling and marketing them in the municipality of Panajachel.In 1990 the idea arose to form an association that helped the weaving women.

The project began with nine women headed by Doña Teresa Ujpan Perez, creating exemplary designs in both natural dyes and chemicals, creating their own artisan products. The nine women reached an agreement to form their own board of directors that coordinated the work of the association and choose two women to be in charge of marketing the products and contacting clients. From that time profit increased in Panajachel and Antigua.

In 2006 the association received legal recognition with 25 female members and the same board of directors. They agreed to rename the association Ixoqí aj Quema´, which it holds to this day.

The association was created so that the women who had mastered the art of weaving could market and sell their products. Almost all of the women who are members of the association have very little education and could not usually yield a fixed wage.

The association made it possible for these women to sell their products and make profits – improving their lives and making it possible for their children to receive a good education.

The association strives to give a better future to the children, young people, and families of the women shown through their motto "A Better Tomorrow.”

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